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Marine Life

Long Island's fabulous Marine Life

Coral reefs are being produced by living organisms in oceans containing little or no nutrients in its water. Tropical corals grow in depths of up to 100 feet (30 meters) and Long Island is presenting you a great display of these beautiful structures with their extensive marine life.

Bahamas Sea Shells

Collecting Sea Shells and Sea Glass

Are you collecting sea shells, sea beans or sea glass?
Long Island's beaches are studded with these treasures; they just need to be picked up.

Sea Glass has become a hot collectible; People around the World are competing and trading the treasures at high values.

Giant Grouper

Catch a Giant Grouper

Groupers typically have a stout body and a big mouth and can be quite large. Lengths of over 3 feet (1 meter) and weights up to 220 pounds (100 kg) are not uncommon, although not very often seen in the past years.

... or fight a Bonefish

Bonefish are species of the Albulidae and one of the world's premier game fish. Bonefish live in tropical waters, they move onto shallow tidal flats to feed and retreat to deeper waters as the tide ebbs. The fish is caught for sport and is not particularly good to eat.

Culinary Pleasure

Culinary Pleasure

Culinary pleasure is ever so important for an active and joyful life, just ask Long Island's natives. They are blessed with all the ocean's diversified and healthy delicatessen.
No matter if you dine out at a small native restaurant or at one of the large resort hotels, the dining experience will not only please your stomach but warm your heart and soul too.

Travel Information

Book your next trip on-line with a Travel Agent

Here's how YOU can stay active and have fun on Long Island

Weather conditions are superb all year-around due to the location of Long Island.

The island is divided by the Tropic of Cancer and is famous for the zillions of gorgeous beaches. The colorful and clearest water you can imagine is inviting you for a vast variety of exiting water sports and much more .....

Long Island Beaches

Enjoy the gorgeous Beaches

Scuba Diving in the Bahamas

The Excitement of Scuba Diving .....

Diving along the reefs in the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean with its wide variety of corals and abundant fish life is as much exciting as snorkeling in the shallow, turquoise blue waters of the Exuma Sound and the Caribbean.
Stella Maris' reputation as 'THE diving spot in the World you must have visited' is by far not limited to the Western hemisphere as divers from all continents have paid their visit to the island.

..... and the Thrill of Fishing

The North Equatorial Current is the predominant stream washing the shores of Long Island. Columbus studied this current originated in the Canary Islands, a Spanish group of seven major islands off the coast of north-western Africa, before his first voyage to the "New World". The stream is transporting huge schools of gamefish, marlins, sailfish, tuna, dolphin and wahoo, thus making the waters around Long Island a paradise for deep sea fishing. How about an encounter with one of the ocean's rapacious creatures, a shark?

Fly-fishing in the Bahamas

The Stella Maris Resort Club is offering guided deep sea and reef fishing tours using sophisticated equipment and experienced guides for your pleasure and safety.
The big feature, however, is the bonefishing, a fly fisherman's dream. You can explore on your own in the shallow water of a nearby bay or choose to hire one of the very experienced guides on the island. If lucky enough, you get the professional guiding experience of "Docky", a native of Long Island, quoted by many international and American fishing magazines as "one of the best bonefish guides in The Bahamas".

Sailing the Exuma Sound

Flying atop the gentle waves of the Exuma Sound with its turquoise blue waters or rocking through the deep blue breakers of the Atlantic Ocean, sailing along the coasts of Long Island can be as adventurous or as calming as it gets, depending on your mood. Beginners can enjoy the quiet Caribbean lee-side and even get lessons on handling and navigation. If you sail by your own sail or motor yacht, the Stella Maris Marina offers space for mooring or you can set anchor in one of the numerous protected bays and get ashore by dingi.


The Long Island Sailing Regatta

Each year in May, Salt Pond is hosting the annual Long Island Sailing Regatta. The entire island population is celebrating this event with music, dance and barbecue. A month earlier, the local 'regatta season' starts off with a race launched on the neighbor island Exuma. In the past, Long Islanders were very successful and they may show you proudly all the throphies they have collected over the years, just ask.

Visit Long Island's historical Churches

St. Mary's Church south of Salt Pond was probably built by the Spanish in the 17th century. It is the oldest church on the island.
And you must see the famous twin churches in Clarence Town.

Pay a visit to the Long Island Museum in Buckleys


Safe Snorkeling on Long Island

No matter if you are experienced or just a beginner, Stella Maris is offering you many safe snorkeling spots. The Coral Gardens right at the shoreline, Poseidon's Point with an easy entry right from the beach or the completely protected Rainbow Reef with an excellent chance of watching eagle rays gliding through the crystal clear water. And just below the Columbus Monument, you can 'ride' the tidal drifts from the narrow mouth to the Atlantic Ocean into the beautiful bay, discovering some of Jack Sparrow's hidden treasures in the underwater caves.

Blue Hole

World's deepest Blue Hole

Dean's Blue Hole just south of Clarence Town is the World's deepest blue hole and the 2nd largest water-filled cavern body. In a protected, calm bay you can scuba dive the steep walls of the blue hole or just snorkle atop the dark blue abyss.

Impressions of
Long Island

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