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Caribbean View

Residential Lots

Premium quality residential lots with a size of 15,000 sqft. (1,400 m2) enjoy direct views of the Atlantic or the Caribbean and will have access to several facilities within the hotel site, the marina and the golf course. Larger lots located directly on the golf course range at ¾ acre (3,000 m2). Marina Village offers luxury single family lots with direct access to the marina or the canal allowing yachts to dock right in front of the home.

Range of available lots:

Residential Lots

Residential Lots for Sale in Stella Maris

Close to Port St. George, a variety of residential lots are being offered to prosperous buyers. All lots are vacant and ready for construction of a new home designed by your dreams and visions or based on attractive floorplans we have available for you.
If you don't want to wait on the construction, we have several existing residences you might want to consider.

Port St. George

Port St. George Development

Port St. George is a planned, Government approved development located on a 1,000 acre (4 mio. m2) site close to the North end of Long Island, The Bahamas. The master plan is envisioning a tropical island living stretching from the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean across the entire island to the calm, aqua-blue and turquoise waters of the Exuma Sound.
The master plan is considering very carefully the island's natural topography, embedding the amenities within the gentle rolling hills and a protected, shallow bay, thus creating an exciting and accentual development for all kind of experiences and feelings.

The large Boutique Hotel on a promontory reaching into the Caribbean has stunning views of the lee side. A Full-Service-Marina accessible from the Exuma Sound will handle up to 200 boats and the surrounding Marina Village is to be the centre and the heart of Port St. George. The island's natural diversity will be the perfect location for a challenging 18-Hole Golf Course meandering from the harbor to the high cliffs above the Atlantic Ocean.

The Boutique Hotel

The Boutique Hotel

The Full-Service Marina

The Full-Service Marina

The Marina Village

The Marina Village

The 18-hole Golf Course

The 18-hole Golf Course

Caribbean View

Boutique Hotel

A superb luxury hotel and spa will be built on an existing peninsula standing out into the calm and colorful waters of the Exuma Sound. Up to 200 rooms are planned on this 27 acres (108,000 m2) site embedded in tropical landscaping with several shops, restaurants and a spa. The large indoor and outdoor living spaces are designed to observe an unobstructed view of the Caribbean.

Hotel Rooms

Besides fresh water pools and plunge pools for the little ones, a completely new sand beach is being built for residents and guests of the Port St. George Community.

Tropical Landscaping

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Watch a video to see how the developers plan to take advantage of the natural topography of the island by stretching the development from the east coast to the west coast across the rolling hills of the northern part of Long Island.

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