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Attractive Floorplans

View floorplans designed by a renowned Swiss artist and architect exclusively for the Kingdom project.

People not familiar with Long Island might be surprised to find out that the local construction trade is quite efficient. Attractive and top-of-the-line quality built homes are being offered, with a construction standard that is comparing favorably to upscale homes in the US and European countries like Germany and Switzerland.


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Travel Information

Book your next flight on-line with a Travel Agent and visit the Kingdom peninsula close to the famous Cape Santa Maria Beach.


The Exuma Sound

The Bay

The Kingdom:

Lot 38, 41, 42 and 43





Luxury Single Family Residences

The four parcels sized between 15,900 sq.ft. (1,480 m2) and 22,800 sq.ft. (2,120 m2) are designated for single family residences.

If desired by a buyer, the residences are being built turn-key in a harmonious way depicting a modern architectural style with Caribbean-Bahamian accents. Attractive floorplans of different sizes are offered but each buyer is entitled to present his own ideas and concepts as long as the general appearance of the project is not negatively affected.

Access to the Kingdom is from the newly built main road some 2½ miles (4 km) away. Being part of the Kingdom's uniqueness, you may anchor your motor yacht or sailboat in the fully protected bay and reach land with a dingy or small motorboat! It's convenient, much shorter in distance and time, and also special.

The four lots are surrounded by land designated for a park - land that stays vacant forever and doesn't has to be acquired but can be used and cultivated.
Request information on sales prices and discounts.

Enjoy an unobstructed view of the Caribbean and watch the red-hot sun dive into the ocean - right from your property at the Kingdom.

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Land for Sale

Find more information on available residential lots located at Stella Maris and its vicinity.

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