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Long Island Homes

Real Estate for Sale on Long Island

Superb single family homes and residential lots for sale by its owners.

Build your dream home on a lot at the Kingdom Peninsula.


New Developments on Long Island

Port St. George, a boutique hotel, a full-service marina and a 18-hole golf course on a 1,000 acres (4 mio, m2) parcel stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the east across the entire island to the shores of the Caribbean in the west.

Stella Maris Resort Club and Hotel

Located on large property near the center of the development facing the Atlantic Ocean, the out-island resort is designed in an intimate plantation style offering a wide range of tropical Bahamas vacation rentals and other accommodations scattered over a beautiful palm grove.

Deadman's Cay

Just south of Deadman's Cay is the most fascinating cave system in The Bahamas.
The cave is full of bats, stalactites and stalagmites. The caverns were once used by the original settlers, the Lucayan Indians; and, perhaps, by the Pirates of the Bahamas?

Long Island Beach

Long Island - 'The most beautiful Island in the World'

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Long Island Map
North Sign


Santa Maria

Stella Maris

Salt Pond

Deadman's Cay

Clarence Town

Blue Hole

Stella Maris

Vacation resort club and hotel, a full-service marina and an airport.

The Columbus Monument

High upon a steep and scary cliff at the north end of the island.

Cape Santa Maria

Named by Christopher Columbus for one of his ships; one of the World's most beautiful beaches.

Dean's Blue Hole

The World's deepest sinkhole at 663 feet and the second largest waterfilled cavernbody.

Salt Pond

A double bay with magnificent scenery, home of Long Island's Annual Sailing Regatta.

Clarence Town

Clarence Town is Long Island's capital. The town is regarded as the "prettiest harbor town" and is one of the largest settlements on the island, well known for its beautiful twin churches on top of two hills.

Stella Maris Shark Reef

How to stay active on Long Island

Shark feeding at the Stella Maris Shark Reef in 30 feet (9 meters) of calm water; 1-2 dozen sharks are competing for the prepared food.

Travel Information

Book your flight on-line with a travel agent.

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