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Residential Properties

Residential Lots for Single Family Homes

A wide selection of residential lots in or near Stella Maris are for sale by owner.
You can build your own dream home at the shores of the Caribbean, the Atlantic or on top of a hill near the Stella Maris Resort Club.

Port St. George

The exclusive Port St. George development:
A luxury boutique hotel, full-service marina, marina village and a challenging 18-hole golf course stretching from the rocky Atlantic shores to the calm Caribbean lee-side of Long Island.

Travel Information

How to travel to Long Island

The Stella Maris International Airport has its own immigration and custom facilities thus allowing direct flights from the Unites States and other countries.

Long Island Real Estate: Residences and Projects

Sunset Residence

Sunset Residence

The 4 bedroom / 2 bath residence built in 1981 and completely renovated in 2008 is a two-story concrete block single family home with an extraordinary view.

The residence is in walking distance from the renowned Stella Maris Resort Club and the Atlantic Coast.

Hilltop Homes

Hilltop Homes

The Hilltop Project, four attractive homes located on a high slope near the Stella Maris Resort Club, with breath-taking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the incredible beaches of the Caribbean.

The 3 bedroom / 2 bath homes have additional space for a guest apartment in the basement.

Kingdom Residences
Kingdom Residences

Kingdom Residences

The Kingdom Project is a planned unique project on four exclusive lots located on a peninsula near the Columbus Monument and just adjacent to the World famous three miles long Cape Santa Maria Beach. Four exclusive single family residences - or one mansion only, a true Kingdom - at the north end of Long Island.

Homes exclusively designed by a Swiss artist and architect in a typical Bahamian-Caribbean style have very attractive floorplans and can be built by local contractors to your desire.


How to purchase and own Property in The Bahamas

The International Persons Landhold Act:

In 1994, the International Persons Landholding Act was passed and incorporated by the Bahamian Government. Owning property by foreigners as well as by companies controlled by foreigners would now be much easier.
Any purchase of property or interest in property must be filed with the Ministry of Financial Services & Investments for registering with the Investment Board. Proof of ownership and payment of stamp duty and property taxes is required together with a small fee of $25.00 for the registration process in order to receive a certificate of registration.
Acquiring property in The Bahamas is not subject to any permits unless a foreigner intends to become the owner of five (5) or more contiguous acres of unimproved land or property or any interest therein by way of freehold or leasehold.
Foreigners owning properties in The Bahamas may apply to the Director of Immigration for an annual home owner’s residence card. Although this pass does not confer resident status, the owner, spouse and dependent children are entitled to enter and remain in the country for the duration of the validity of the card. The cost of the annual pass is $500.00 not including the application fees of $50.00.

Buying Property in The Bahamas

Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Taxes

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Government Links:

The Intl. Persons Landhold Act

Permit to Purchase Real Property

Certification of Land Purchase

All information stated above is subject to changes without further notice. Please refer to the official Bahamian Government website for the current status on stamp taxes, real property taxes and fees and regulations pertaining the International Persons Landhold Act.

Long Island Activities

How to stay active on Long Island

Discover the thrills of deep sea fishing with a guided tour by the Stella Maris Resort Club.

Or hire Docky, one of the best bonefish guides in The Bahamas.

Are you Interested in scuba diving? The Stella Maris Resort Club is offering exiting dives for all experience levels.
You will receive training, instructions and your first dive; all supervised by a certified dive master of the Stella Maris Resort Club.

Real Estate Transactions:

All real estate transactions are subject to government stamp tax which is due and payable on the date of the property conveyance or realty transfer in order to have the new ownership registered. The calculation of the stamp tax is based on the value of the property which is not always the sales price.

Stamp duty is 2% on the transfer value up to $20,000, 4% thereafter up to $50,000, 6% thereafter up to $100,000, 8% thereafter up to $250,000 and 10% on values higher than $250,000.

Usually, seller and buyer each pay half of the stamp duty while the recording is covered by the buyer. Law firms preparing the paperwork for the transaction are charging a fee of approximatively 2½% of the sales price to each the buyer and the seller. Sales commissions to real estate agents are usually paid by the seller unless otherwise agreed upon

Real Property Taxes:

Real property taxes are charged annually based on the assessed property value. The current status of the property (owner-occupied, rentals and commercial or unimproved land) determines the rate. Owner-occupied properties up to a value of $250,000 are exempt of taxes. Thereafter, ¾% are charged up to a property value of $500,000 and 1% on properties valued higher than $500,000.

Unimproved land is taxed at an annual rate of 1%, respectively 1½% of a value above $100,000. Any other property is taxed at 1% increasing to 2% for property values higher than $500,000.

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