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Columbus Bay

Christopher Columbus at Cape Santa Maria

Only a short distance to the north is the spot where it all begun; thanks to Columbus' desire to find the 'Indies', this beautiful place on earth was discovered for the world and for those people who are in search of peace and a still intact nature.
A small opening from the Atlantic Ocean is widening into a simply incredible beautiful bay with miles of white sandy beaches and a splendid vegetation. This hidden jewel is well protected from the fierce power of the open sea.


There is a small air-strip at Cape Santa Maria where you can park your plane.
However, you have to clear custom and immigration at the Stella Maris Airport first to enter The Bahamas.

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Cape Santa Maria Beach

Cape Santa Maria Beach - 'one of the World's ten best Beaches'

Did you ever had a beautiful dream spending a vacation on a remote island; with your spouse, with nothing but white powdery sand beaches and coconut palm trees, swimming in calm, crystal clear and warm water, .... and nobody near to spoil your romantic adventure?
Dream no longer! This is reality, this is Long Island , the Cape Santa Maria Beach. Just a short ride north of Stella Maris, this is unquestionably one of the most beautiful beaches on planet earth. Lying on the lee side and facing toward the northwest, the bay is mostly calm, even in strong winds.

Feel the comfortable heat of the sand, relax, listen and enjoy the tranquillity only interrupted by the softly splashing waves, and cool off in the refreshing waters of the Exuma Sound.

Cape Santa Maria, named by Columbus after his flagship, the Santa Maria, is a three mile long stretch of wildest imaginations come true, a romantic's ferry tale, a kid's paradise. The beach is open for public, it belongs to the friendly people of The Bahamas and Long Island in particular, and to all the visitors who finally made it happen to see one of the very few remaining, unspoiled places in the solar system. Don't hesitate any longer; come and rejuvenate your heart and soul.

Cape Santa Maria

The Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort

Anchor your yacht in this protected bay and get to the beach by dingi. Just a few steps away from the shores is the Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort offering a superb cuisine for your culinary cravings or luxury accommodation after a long wavy trip on the Atlantic Ocean.

The Kingdom Project on a small peninsula at the north end of Cape Santa Maria is offering unique oceanfront properties designated for single family homes. The four home-sites adjoining each other in a circle. See a selection of sophisticated floorplans designed by a Swiss architect exclusively for The Kingdom.

Kingdom Project

Stella Maris Residences

Stella Maris Residential Lots

Underwater Life

Marine Life at Cape Santa Maria

Three well protected snorkeling sites right off the Cape Santa Maria Beach are waiting for you to explore the fascinating marine life.
Be amazed of the marvelous underwater sceneries with rock and coral formations, and float along the pretty Rainbow Reef with its abundant inhabitants.

Learn to dive with a certified dive master of the Stella Maris Resort Club.

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