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Stella Maris Diving

Diving at Stella Maris dive sites is exciting and safe. The Western lee side is mostly calm with no current and the Atlantic shelves and reefs are truly sensational, with huge coral fields and coral heads;
a raw adventure in an unspoiled underwater scenery.

The Stella Maris Resort has two dive cruisers, the 32 feet Sol Mar II and the 65 feet twin-diesel Sol Mar III with a partially submerged platform for easy access.
The vessels are equipped with radio and legally required safety equipment.

Dive Equipment is available for renting; however, it is highly recommended that you bring most of your own equipment. Skins or wetsuits are great in colder winter months or for your comfort and safety.

Learn to dive while you are visiting Long Island. Stella Maris is offering instructions, training and your first dive, all supervised by a certified dive master. The minimum age for certification is twelve years.

Scuba Diving in Stella Maris

Scuba diving in Stella Maris can't get any better. The Stella Maris Resort Club is offering a wide variety of exiting dives, for all experience levels.

Stella Maris Dive Boat

The Stella Maris dive vessel, the Sol Mar III.

The Stella Maris Shark Reef, in just 30 feet (9 meters) depth, is presenting a dramatic view of the most vicious predators of the oceans, the sharks. In an underwater amphitheatre you can safely witness the hand feeding of some grey tipped reef sharks, joined occasionally by a weird looking hammerhead or a harmless nurse shark, all competing for the prepared food.

Suddenly, the water is flooded with barracudas, grouper and other fish gobbling for a share of the 'free gimmie'. The dive is guided and has a 100% safety record since the mid-seventies.

Stella Maris' own dive vessel, the 65 feet (20 meters) Sol Mar III, is anchored above the dive site; a save heaven should you get to 'exited' about the rapacious creatures.

Conception Island Wall is an underwater park located just a short distance from Long Island. Gigantic coral heads bearing rich reef life are followed by vertical walls starting in depths of just 45 feet (13.5 meters) and stepping down into the indefinite 'deep blue'. No surprise, you will be escorted by curious reef sharks, or even a Mako, and there is hardly any dive without running into large turtles, Loggerheads or Greens. Discover some 150 shipwrecks, historic and modern, at the close-by South Hampton Reef or relax on the island watching various species of birds and turtles.

Rum Cay was originally named 'Conception Island' by Christopher Columbus. The island can be reached by the Stella Maris dive vessel and is well known for its diving spots and the picturesque scenery. A must-see is the wreck of the historic 'Conqueror', a steam engine equipped sailing war vessel of the British Navy sunk in 1848 after hitting a coral head on Rum Cays' south shore. In a depth of only 25 feet (7.5 meters), you will find a tiny engine, a huge shaft and even canons and canon balls. On land the Hartford Caves are hiding hundreds of Indian originated wall stone carvings.

Shipwrecks located just 1/2 mile from the gorgeous Cape Santa Maria Beach are resting in 100 feet (30 meters) depth on a coral reef with a rich marine life. Next to an old 110 feet (33 meters) steel freighter sitting upright on the ocean floor is a 40 feet (12 meters) sailing vessel, the 'Sunseeker'. The 'ship graveyard' is being complemented occasionally by man-made wrecks.

Dean's Blue Hole

Dean's Blue Hole is the world's deepest blue hole at 663 feet (200 meters). The dive site is located in a magnificent shallow bay protected from the Atlantic Ocean by a steep cliff. With an easy access from the white sand beach and a few flips of your fins, you are ready to dip into a seemingly infinite and mysterious abyss with tunnels and caves, which are presumably not connected to the Atlantic Ocean.


Snorkeling in Stella Maris

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