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Homes and Residential Lots

Real Estate for Sale on Long Island

Some of the existing single family homes on Long Island are for sale.

Exclusive residential lots are available should you plan to build your home on your own ideas.

Port St. George

New Developments

A new planned development, Port St. George, was just recently approved by the Bahamian Government.

A group of English investors purchased a large acreage of unimproved land in the Stella Maris Estate for the purpose of building a new hotel, a large state-of-the-art marina at the shores of the Caribbean and a 18-hole golf course.


Long Island's Beaches

Explore the countless beautiful beaches along the shores of Long Island.

Enjoy watching the glowing sun dive into the ocean for another breathtaking sunset on Long Island.


Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort

Atlantic view

Stella Maris - "The shining Star of the Sea"

Begun in 1963 as a land sales venture, Stella Maris covers an area running from the cliffs of the Atlantic Ocean across the entire island to the Exuma Banks of the Western shores. Stella Maris is the prime resort on Long Island spreading over 3,000 acres (12 km2) of rolling hills. About 1,500 lots were surveyed and platted, designed mostly for single family homes.

Stella Maris Development

The existing Stella Maris Development consists of a vacation resort hotel, a full service marina and a small international airport with immigration and custom facilities. Because of the nature of the land, the estate has a very high proportion of superior quality single family homes. Stella Maris still has a few large residential lots offering magnificent views of the Caribbean and/or the Atlantic Ocean.

Resort Club

Stella Maris Resort Club

The Stella Maris Resort Club is located near the center of the development, on a slope facing the Atlantic Ocean. The club has 29 hotel units located in 8 buildings as well as bungalows and villas at its disposal. Together with third party homes, villas and luxurious bungalows operated by the club, the resort has a maximum capacity of about 120 guests.

Stella Maris Marina

The Stella Maris Marina is located on the west coast of the island, facing the Exuma Bank, two and one half miles from the Stella Maris Resort Club. The marina is connected to the calm Caribbean by a "mooring canal", an extra secure hurricane tie-up potential. There is plenty of space, and planned future developments already have accounted for an expansion.

Stella Maris International Airport

The Stella Maris International Airport is one of only two government licensed airports on Long Island, an Airport of Entry (AOE), thus permitting international air traffic. The paved 4,000 feet (120 meters) runway can handle up to mid-sized commercial and general aviation planes, including most mid-sized corporate jets. Bahamas Air and a few commuter airlines have daily flights from Nassau to Stella Maris.

Bahamas Air

How to stay active in Stella Maris

Stella Maris is offering a variety of activities.
Divers from all over the world are attracted to scuba diving off the resort's diving vessel.

Swimming in the warm and clear water of the island's lee-side is as pleasant as snorkeling in one of the numerous hidden, protected bays.

And fishing? This is the place you want to be for your catch.

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