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Bahamas Beaches

Long Island's Beaches

The Sunset Residence is located on a gentle slope thus having a close view of the Atlantic shores. You can almost touch and feel the rolling waves and from here you can reach a superb snorkeling site in just a few minutes by car.

Diving Long Island

Stella Maris is known to divers all around the World to be 'The Diving Site' you must have visited at least once in your lifetime.

The Stella Maris Resort Club is offering a variety of programs for snorkelers and scuba divers and you can take private lessons and get certified.

Short Trip from Florida

Travel Information

Long Island is just a short trip away from Florida.

BahamasAir and other carriers have daily flights to and from Stella Maris.

If you travel by private plane or boat, Stella Maris is your port of entry to The Bahamas. See important travel information on how to plan your next trip.
Book your flight on-line with a travel agent.

Sunset Residence

For Sale by Owner: Sunset Residence

Originally built in the early 80’s, this extraordinary, two-story single family home has been completely renovated in 2012. The home is located in the center of Stella Maris, less than half a mile from the Stella Maris Resort Club and its renowned international restaurant and lounge, and in walking distance to the Atlantic beaches.

Sunset Residence

The construction of the 4 bedroom / 2 bath building is in solid concrete blocks. All floors consist of beautiful Mexican or Italian tiles, the two bathrooms both have a bathtub and a shower and two of the bedrooms have built-in kitchenettes.

Dining Area

The Great Room on the second floor has additional sleeping facilities, a dining area with fireplace and an open kitchen. Rooms have ceiling fans and bedrooms have air-conditioning. The home has a total living area of 1,950 sqft. (180 m2).

The Residence is nicely and completely furnished, including washer and dryer.
The large property has a well maintained yard with many mature trees and huge plants, and a 2-car garage with a paved driveway.
The previous owners, a German family, has spent many years of vacationing in it and kept their home in excellent condition.


Fully furnished including satellite TV, VCR, tuner and CD player, telephone and fax and internet setup. Community water setup, separate rain water cystern and septic tank. The home is in very good condition and ideal for renting out.

Lot size:

20,000 sqft. / 1,860 m2

Year of construction:

1981 ren. 2008

Living area:

1,950 sqft. / 180 m2

Contact us by email and request more information

Atlantic View

Atlantic View

Panoramic 360° View of Northern Long Island.

From the second floor terrace you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean less than 300 yards away. and the Caribbean just about a half mile in distance.
And don't miss the daily show when the glowing sun is sinking into the Caribbean with another beautiful green flash.

Caribbean View

Caribbean View

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