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Pilot Information

Stella Maris
Airport Information

Private Pilots

After resurfacing the airstrip, the Stella Maris International Airport has been re-opened to all commercial and charter airlines, as well as to private pilots. Immigration and custom clearance is required. Prior to your trip, read the current regulations and requirements.

Airport Information

FAA Regulations

Map of Long Island

Private Boaters

You will have to report at one of Long Island's three official port of entries, the Stella Maris Marina, Clarence Town or Salt Pond, when entering The Bahamas by private boat.
Immigration and custom clearance is required. A fee based on the size of your yacht or boat is assessed and payable upon arrival.


Long Island has a 100% digital telephone system allowing communication to more than 100 countries.
Fax, telex and cellular services are available too, as is satellite TV and cable TV, postal services and courier services using FedEx and DHL.

Health Care and Emergencies

The Bahamas Ministry of Health is operating several clinics on Long Island. Simms is just a 15 minute drive from Stella Maris should an accident occur during your stay.
Deadman's Cay and Long Island's capital Clarence Town have health care facilities too and in case of a serious emergency, patients are being airlifted to one of the two general hospitals in Nassau.

Currency and Credit

The Bahamian Dollar is the official currency, pegged (par) to the US Dollar. Long Island is hosting branches of several banks and visitors can get cash at ATM's 24 hours a day.
Accepted everywhere are US travellers checks. The resort hotels, local diners, and some small businesses are accepting credit and debit cards too.

Map Bahamas


Stella Maris

US Passport

Immigration and Custom

New U.S. Government regulations require ALL adults and children to have a valid passport for international travel. The Bahamas are implementing the same entry requirements as the United States.

Immigration and Custom is mandatory to all persons entering The Bahamas. If you travel by commercial airline, a flight attendant will provide an immigration and customs card which has to be presented at immigration checkpoint together with a valid passport.

Arriving by cruise ship, a private plane or a private boat at one of the 24 airports or 29 marinas with official port of entry status in The Bahamas is subject to the same regulations. Please see information on "how to enter The Bahamas".

The declaration of imported goods is oral but the baggage is subject to customs inspections. If you arrive by your own plane or boat and carry a firearm on board, you MUST declare and provide information on serial number, manufacturer and exact count of ammunition at the port of entry. Carry the firearm on land without any written permission by the authorities is a very serious felony in The Bahamas and can lead to prison time and deportation.

Commercial Carriers

Commercial Carriers

Travelling to Long Island by commercial airline usually requires a stop-over at Nassau. Several airlines are offering transportation from Europe respectively the US. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are typically your best choice of departure to arrive at Nassau early enough to have a connection to Long Island on the same day.

Check out the new luggage policy issued by all major airlines in July, 2008.
If you travel to The Bahamas from the US, you are on an international flight.
Carry-on luggage is subject to the regulations issued by TSA (Transportation Security Administration), which can change on a daily base. Check out the current rules before starting off a new trip.

Luggage Policy

Bahamas Air, Pineapple Air and Southern Air are flying daily to and from Stella Maris or Deadman's Cay. The flights are mostly on schedule and the airfare for the 45-50 minute hop to the "Paradise" is very reasonable.

NEW: Direct flights from Ft. Lauderdale to Stella Maris: Locair is now offering direct flights to and from Stella Maris twice a week. Fares as low as $199.00 each way plus taxes.

Ground Transportation and Rentals

There is no public transportation on Long Island. Taxi services are available at the airport, the vacation resort clubs or on call.
Car rental is offered by locals at reasonable weekly rates. If you have plans to stay at the Stella Maris Resort Club, book the car together with your accommodation. On request, the resorts have scooters or bicycles ready for the guests at low prices.
Gasoline is very expensive, about double the price of a gallon in the United States. However, distances are short and the small or mid-seized cars are hardly using any gas. Before independence, The Bahamas was a British colony and one of the many inheritances is that you have to drive on the left side of the road. So KEEP LEFT and buckle up, seat belts are mandatory and for your own safety.

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